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Rapid Response Access Platform

Small Access Platform

MSB Roofing Services Ltd are pleased to provide the exclusive use of safety innovations designed to aid productivity and reduce risk for those working at height.

Unfortunately Roof Repairs and Water Ingress always happen at inconvenient times causing damage that needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

In an industry where response time, safety and access all play a vital part in the length of time it takes to access the repair required.

We therefore offer our clients a Rapid Response Access Platform that eliminates all the below; time consuming and costly delays.

• No need for unsightly scaffolding
• Saving costs on scaffolding and time
• No dealings with the hassle of multiple companies
• Fit through small openings such as garden gates
• Providing quick access to all areas especially in emergencies where time is at the essence
• Carry out roofing repairs on fragile roofs without coming into contact with the roof
• Carry out multiple repairs in different locations
• Health and safety
• We can provide any Service required to Maintain your Property

The Cherry Picker is compact making it ideal for narrow spaces, easily transportable and can be used for various applications including facilities management, property development and roofing.

Trailer mounted access platforms are towable via a standard tow-bar. Towable cherry pickers can be easily transported between sites, helping with logistics for work at height.

Tracked cherry pickers can be operated on a range of surfaces including rough terrain therefore making us able to repair your roofing problem quicker, cheaper than any other roofing company’s.

Cherry Picker

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